WEBINAR #5 : A participation revolution? Experiences with community participation in WaSH projects as a path to greater resilience

This webinar presented how HARP-F partners have sought to engage communities in WaSH programming in Myanmar and how this approach can empower community to lead the response. The experiences and lessons they shared about the impact and challenges of community engagement are also replicable in other sectors and other contexts.

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  • Host: Toby Sexton, Director- Knowledge, Communication and Impact, HARP-F (Opening and Closing Slides)
  • Introduction: Christian Snoad , WaSH Technical Advisor, HARP-F (English / Myanmar presentations)
  • Panel:  HARP-F partners
    • Nicholas Finney  Independent Consultant / Review Team Leader for HARP-F WaSH review with the Operations Partnership (English / Myanmar presentations)
    • Lashi Hka Awng, Project Manager, Shalom (English / Myanmar presentations)
    • Ba Tin, Program Manager Community Mobilization, Solidarités international and Pier Francesco Donati, OXSI Sittwe WASH Consortium Manager, OXFAM (English / Myanmar presentations)


This is the fifth webinar in a series on ‘Rethinking humanitarian aid in protracted crises’ hosted by the Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility (HARP-F). The series invites local and national actors to share their expertise in delivering humanitarian programmes in Myanmar’s complex crisis, and encourages discussions on aid modalities and lessons learned in other protracted crisis contexts.

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