Knowledge products

These include research, position papers and evaluations covering topics such as: the COVID-19 response, localisation, nutrition and operations in protracted crisis; lessons learned from operating in protracted crisis; and a podcast sharing the experience of our partners.

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Learning events

We are organising training and webinars on specific aspects of delivering humanitarian aid in a protracted crisis.

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Contextual analysis

Because our work is rooted in an understanding of the local context, and our partners need to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, we set up the Community Analysis Support System (CASS) - in Rakhine. The CASS complements the information we receive from our networks of partners by providing contextual knowledge and analysis in the locations we want to fund programs in for operational partners, HARP-F and donors. This is especially vital in remote partnership contexts to ensure the principle of Do No Harm and conflict sensitivity consideration are taken into account in humanitarian interventions.

Build a network with strong local roots

Foster resilience by empowering local actors

Respond to changing needs

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