Meet the immediate, acute humanitarian needs of those newly displaced and those in remote or hard-to-reach areasIn a complex crisis, we know that our partners must be able to adapt their programmes and respond quickly. Our grants are predictable and flexible.  This enabled us to incorporate COVID-19 prevention activities as part of our work in 2020, and to quickly mount a response in the aftermath of the military coup in 2021. Read more on how we respond to changing needs.

Address the long-term drivers of humanitarian needs, reduce the vulnerability of affected populations and increase their resilience and ability to withstand emergencies. We think that conflict-affected communities must be at the centre of the response rather than passive recipients. We also empower local organisations to respond to and prepare for disasters across the country. Read more on how we strengthen community resilience.

Share knowledge and innovation on delivering humanitarian assistance in protracted crises for the humanitarian response to be more effective in the future. We conduct research and analysis and share the experience of our partners in providing humanitarian assistance in protracted crisis. Read more about our learning agenda.

Build a network with strong local roots

Foster resilience by empowering local actors

Respond to changing needs

Share knowledge on working in protracted crisis

Where we work

We work with our network of local, national and international partners in Myanmar and on the border with Thailand.


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