WEBINAR #3: 'No access, no aid?' How remote partnerships are key to delivering humanitarian aid in protracted crisis'

This webinar presented the findings of the new evaluation of HARP-F’s remote partnership approach in Myanmar, and invited national and international humanitarian actors to share their perspective on remote partnerships, what it requires and how it works in practice.

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Panellists from the Center for Social Integrity, The Border Consortium, Mercy Corps, the Center for Operational Analysis and Research (COAR) and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) shared their experience of remote partnerships in Myanmar, lessons from the humanitarian response in Syria, and guidance on what has worked and what has not for remote partnerships in other contexts. Participants commented on the delineation between remote partnerships and localisation, how to implement remote partnerships in Myanmar’s post-coup context, the type of accountability mechanisms that they require, and the crucial role and agency of affected communities and local and national responders in humanitarian programming.


  • Toby Sexton, Director- Knowledge, Communication and Impact, HARP-F


  • Sonia Zambakides, Fund Director, HARP-F
  • Peter Medway, Remote Partnership Evaluation Team Leader


  • Aung Kyaw Moe, Executive Director, Center for Social Integrity (CSI)
  • Maxwell Gardiner, Project Manager, Center for Operational Analysis and Research (COAR) and Community Analysis Support System (CASS)
  • Olivia Roberts, Lead Humanitarian Advisor, Humanitarian and Stabilisation Operations Team, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)
  • Duncan McArthur, Myanmar Programme Director, The Border Consortium (TBC)
  • Barbara Bitton, Strategic Response Manager, Mercy Corps

Read more about HARP-F’s work on remote partnerships

This is the third webinar in a series on ‘Rethinking humanitarian aid in protracted crises’ hosted by the Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility (HARP-F). The series invites local and national actors to share their expertise in delivering humanitarian programmes in Myanmar’s complex crisis, and encourages discussions on aid modalities and lessons learned in other protracted crisis contexts.


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Last Updated: 6th January 2022

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