Webinar – Localisation of aid in Myanmar: who will take the risk?

Throughout October, our local, national and international partners in Myanmar have told us in a series of consultations what structures they require to sustain a locally-led humanitarian response in Myanmar’s complex, protracted crisis and how these could be provided once HARP-F grants close. From multi-year, predictable funding, to one-on-one mentoring, technical advice in key sectors and a stronger MEAL capacity, they pinpointed the functions that either directly empower local CSOs to lead humanitarian action – or will enable INGOs to support them.

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In this webinar, HARP-F and partners will share the key recommendations that came out of these intensive consultations with the broader humanitarian community, including donors. We will ask two questions:

  • How can HARP-F’s extensive knowledge system advance these recommendations?  HARP-F has compiled technical knowledge of working in protracted crisis, tools, research and data on localisation which are all global public goods, available to inform further humanitarian programming
  • What will the support system for localised aid look like, to ensure that the key grants, capacity building, technical support and MEAL functions required by local partners are in place? And who will lead it?

This webinar is about the nuts and bolts of localisation, with the organisations at the forefront of the response asking real questions – the ‘acid test’ for localisation.

Host: Toby Sexton, Director- Knowledge, Communication and Impact, HARP-F 

Facilitator: Sonia Zambakides, Fund Director, HARP-F 

Panel:  HARP-F partners, moderated by  David Mathieson, Political Economy and Conflict Sensitivity Lead, HARP-F 

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This is the fourth webinar in a series on ‘Rethinking humanitarian aid in protracted crises’ hosted bythe Humanitarian Assistance and Resilience Programme Facility (HARP-F). The series invites local and national actors to share their expertise in delivering humanitarian programmes in Myanmar’s complex crisis, and encourages discussions on aid modalities and lessons learned in other protracted crisis contexts.

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