WEBINAR : Humanitarian aid in Myanmar in 2022: What does it look like, one year on from the coup?

Tuesday 8th February 2022, 3.30-5.30pm Myanmar/ 9-11am GMT
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The webinar will be in Myanmar language and English. It will not be recorded nor live-streamed.

It is often said that “context is key,” and that international actors working in complex situations should put the context first.  This is certainly true in Myanmar, where humanitarian and development actors have been challenged change the way they provide assistance to account for growing needs combined with the coup, a pandemic, increased access restrictions, a liquidity crisis, market disruptions and higher risks of operating in Myanmar. Myanmar has always been a country with distinct regional conflicts, while regional fragilities intersect and contribute to national needs. 

There is no shortage of organisations providing analysis that inform funding mechanisms and donors, some operating at the national level and others regionally. At the same time, national organisations and INGOs have been adapting their activities to successive changes in the operational context.

So what can these organisations tell us about Myanmar in the year to come, and one year on from the coup?  What does the analysis tell us about the challenges and opportunities ahead, and what can donors, funders and implementers do about it?


In this webinar, we will be bringing together the analysts, implementers and funding mechanisms to discuss what humanitarian programming in Myanmar looks like in 2022 from all three perspectives. 

We will:

  • Present the latest  contextual, operational and political analysis in Myanmar.
  • Invite feedback and comments from organisations that deliver humanitarian aid on how this context is going to impact their activities in 2022
  • Hear from funding mechanisms what their programming priorities in Myanmar are in 2022.

Unlike other HARP-F webinars, this session will not be live-streamed or recorded, to allow participants to have an open discussions.  This means that you have to register to be part of it!

Host: Toby Sexton, Director- Knowledge, Communication and Impact, HARP-F

Setting the stage: Sonia Zambakides, Fund Director, HARP-F

Contextual and political analysis

  • Anna Blanck, Project Manager and Taylor Landis, Human Rights Advisor, Community Analysis Support System (CASS)
  • David Mathieson, Political Economy and Conflict Sensitivity Lead, HARP-F

Questions and comments from webinar participants

Programming priorities

  • Katy Webley, LIFT Fund Director, UNOPS
  • David Gilmore, Senior Programme Manager for Nexus Response Mechanism,  UNOPS
  • Than Min Htike, Programme Manager, and Kyaw Htin Soe, Programme Manager, Access to Health
    Access to Health 

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